Não houve bolo,

Não houve festa,

Só escuridão,

E a fumaça pela estrada

Nublando tudo.

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  1. My way is long
    but the road is foggy, foggy

    My head never swell, my heart never leap
    I never have no fear from within
    Even though the road is so foggy, foggy yeah
    Can hardly see, Jah Jah is my eyesight
    Be with I, be with I
    be with I Jah Jah!
    Jah Jah be with I
    I and I and I and I

    Deh an' dem hate I
    Deh an' dem does fight against I
    Some of them a judge I wrongfully
    But never mind my brother I will go on

    -burning spear

    só pra lembrar que agente é+


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